(OS X) nCrypted Cloud application disappears after update



  Have been using nCrypted Cloud

  Cannot access nCrypted Cloud after update

  nCrypted Cloud application is not in Applications folder




  This might mean that an older bit of nCrypted Cloud might still be laying around that is causing a conflict with the new update.


  To remedy this, make sure that nCrypted Cloud is installed.  Next, uninstall nCrypted Cloud.  Open Terminal.  This can be found by navigating to your Applications folder, opening Utilities, and then running Terminal.  Enter this command into Terminal:

  sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.ncryptedcloud.updatehelper.autoload.plist

If Terminal tells you, "no such file or directory", then it is time to reinstall nCrypted Cloud then reboot  your Macintosh.

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