How To Change A Key

Changing Organization and Recovery Keys 

This can only be done using the Admin Web UI 


1. Login to the admin.

2. Select “Keys” from the list of tables.

3. Search for the organization or identity you want to change the key for.  They type is “Asymmetric” and the usage is “Backup”.  Make sure the key is marked “Active” if you are searching for an organization key. The user field is empty.

4. Select the key guid to open the details page for the key.

5. Uncheck the “Active” field and select the “Save” button.  You may see an error that says “Protected Key Data” field is required.  Just put  space “ “ in this field and hit save again.

6. Return to the “Keys” list screen.

7. Select “Add Key” button to create a new key.

8. Select the correct “User”, “Organization”, and “Identity” which were in the original key (Press the magnifying glass icon to open the wind to select the correct record).

9. Fill in the “Usage”, “Type”, “Label”, GUID, and “Public Key” fields (We will describe how to generate this above, make sure you hang onto the private portion for testing recovery.).

10. Select the “Active” checkbox to make sure this key is the active key for this identity.

11. Click "Save" 

You will now have 2 backup keys for this identity.  Only one should be marked as Active.

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