How To Trusted Share

To share a file or folder using trusted sharing: 

Step 1:  Right-click on the folder you wish to share and select “Trusted Sharing.  

Step 2: A pop-up window will appear. Enter the recipients’ email addresses and an optional message to go along with the Trusted Share.

Step 3: Click “Edit Settings” to expand the menu and view more Trusted Sharing options.

Step 4: If you are trusted sharing a file, you will have two permissions options: View and Download. The “View” and “Download” checkboxes give the recipient permission to either View Only, Download Only, or View and Download if both boxes are selected.


If you are Trusted Sharing a Folder, you will see an additional “Upload” checkbox. This option allows you to securely receive files from recipients. If you check the box next to “Upload”, but not “View” and “Download”, the recipient only has permission to upload files into this folder, and cannot view the contents within.

Step 5: The Watermark checkbox gives you the option to watermark your file with the recipient’s email and IP address. This is what a watermarked file looks like.

Step 6: The Require Access Code option gives you the ability to require a passcode to access the Trusted Share. This access code can be sent to the recipient in an email, or not at all.

Step 7: The Link Expiration option gives you to limit the amount of time your Trusted Sharing link is available for. If you click ‘Other’, you can set a specific time for your Trusted Share.



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