How To Make Files Available Offline

NOTE: This feature has not been released yet on iOS devices. It will be available in our next release scheduled to release at the end of August. 

Users have the ability to create "Offline Files" through nCrypted Cloud. Offline files are accessible when internet connection isn't available or data is turned off. To make files available offline, they must be first be 'favorited'. 

How To Favorite A File  

To favorite a file on an iOS device, swipe left on the file you wish to favorite and this menu will appear. Click on the star icon to favorite the file.


As you can see, the green star icon will now appear on the bottom left corner of the file icon, indicating that that file is favorited.

 How To Remove A File From Your Favorites

To remove a file from your favorites, simply swipe right and click the star icon. The green star icon will no longer appear on the bottom left corner of the file icon 




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