After Your Trusted Share is Sent

Once you hit “Share”, a link to your file or folder will be sent to the recipient via email. This is the email they will receive.

If you sent the recipient the access code through email, this is the second email they will receive. 


Once the recipient click on the first initial link, they must enter a PIN code in order to proceed.

Once they do so, they will be able to access the file or folder by clicking on the document name in nCrypted Cloud’s secure web browser.

Once the recipient accesses your Trusted Share, this is the email you will receive. 

If you click on the link within the email, you be redirected to the Share Management Page on the Cloud Web Portal where you will be able to disable access to this Trusted Share. 

Once you disable access, this is what the recipient will see when they click on the Trusted Sharing link in their email.

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