1. Show desktop notifications:

Receive pop-up notifications every time a change is made to your cloud.


2. Show advanced features:

This gives you the ability to apply sensitivity (low, medium, high, top secret) to your folders. By applying sensitivity, you can see right on the folder

3. Check for software updates:

This option will notify you when a new version of nCrypted Cloud is available for download.


4. Auto-update nCrypted Cloud software:

Automatically update to the latest version of nCrypted Cloud


5. Use nCrypted Cloud to handle .zip files:

Open any .zip files using nCrypted Cloud. When files are encrypted, the file changes from its original format (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .psd) to a .zip file format. Files encrypted with nCrypted Cloud can only be accessed using nCrypted Cloud. This setting will ensure that you can easily open encrypted files.


6. Use nCrypted Cloud as Cloud Provider Folder Viewer:

This setting makes nCrypted Cloud your default cloud provider viewer. This means that when you open Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, One Drive, and Egnyte on your desktop, nCrypted Cloud is seamlessly integrated.


7. Enforce Privacy on all cloud data:

Encrypt all data stored in your cloud.


8. PIN Lock:

Require a PIN to access nCrypted Cloud. In order to enable this setting on the desktop client, you must first set a person PIN either on the Web Portal or Mobile App. Once you do so, you can enforce the PIN code by selecting “Lock” from the drop-down menu. nCrypted Cloud will no longer be accessible on this machine. When you click on the icon now, this is the new drop-down menu you will see. When you select “Unlock” or “Launch nCrypted Cloud Website” you will be asked to enter your pin before proceeding. Once you do so, nCrypted Cloud will run just as it normally would.





9. Use black and white menu bar icons:

Make the nCrypted Cloud Icon in your toolbar black.


Confirm User Actions 

On: Receive confirmation pop-up windows for every action.

Off: Don’t receive confirmation pop-up windows.

Enable All: Allow all actions without confirmation pop-up.


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