What is Open and Closed Enrollment?

Note: This dialog box has been updated in our most recent release. Previous versions do not have the same look or functionality. 

Open and Closed Enrollment options give you the ability to control access to folders based on identity settings. These two options give you the ability to deny-by-default or allow-by-default.

Additionally, you can choose the Enforce Work Identity option. This option restricts access to your organization. 


There are 3 Folder Setting Options you can apply:

  1. Open Enrollment (Allow-by-Default): Anyone who has the folder in his/her cloud can access the folder.
  2. Closed Enrollment (Deny By Default): The only people who can access the folder are those whom the folder is directly shared with. If a user’s name does not appear on the “Shared With” List, the user does not have access to that folder.  However, users without access still have the ability to request access. Ultimately, the only person who can approve and deny access is the file owner.
  3. Enforce Work Identity (Corporate identity ONLY) This option is Closed Enrollment with an additional corporate identity restriction. Only people who belong to your organization can access this folder. 

Open and Closed Enrollment gives Organization Administrators the ability to centrally control corporate documents, assuring policy consistency throughout the organization.  


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