What is Trusted Sharing?

Trusted Sharing gives you the ability to securely share files with anyone through nCrypted Cloud’s secure web browser. This means that the recipient is not required to have cloud storage or an nCrypted Cloud account to securely access this file.


Here is a brief overview of how the Trusted Sharing Process works: 

1. The sender sets specific Trusted Sharing permissions and shares the file/folder in the form of a link via email to the recipient.

2. The recipient receives the email with the link to the Trusted Share.

3. Once the recipient clicks on the link, the nCrypted Cloud secure web portal will open and the recipient will be able to access the file.

4. Once the recipient accesses the file, the sender will receive an email notifying them that the recipient has accessed the file/folder. This email will also contain a link manage the settings of the Trusted Share via the Share Management Page on the Cloud Web Portal.  

5.The sender will also receive email notifications whenever the recipient makes any changes to data.

6. Once the link expires, the recipient will no longer have access to this Trusted Share. 

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