How To Share Securely

In order to apply nCryptedCloud's Share Securely feature, the folder you are trying to securely share must first be shared via Dropbox. Once Dropbox acknowledges that the folder is intended to be shared, you can apply nCryptedCloud's Share Securely feature to this folder for guaranteed security. 

1. Right-click the folder you want shared securely and select "Share Securely" from the drop-down menu

2. A blue lock icon with a silhouette of a person will appear on the folder and all the files within. This icon signifies that the folder is able to be shared.

3. You can do the same for any additional folders you wish to create.

4. To add people to share the folder with, right click and select "Share This Folder.” You will be redirected to the Dropbox Page 


5. Enter the email addresses of the people with whom you would like to share the folder.

6.  Click “Share Folder”

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