Standard File Format

nCryptedCloud uses standard file format (.ZIP) to encrypt you data stored in the cloud. 

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    leo h

    Why did you choose .zip as standard file format? Quite weird!

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    nCrypted Cloud Support

    nCrypteCloud chose to use zip files files for several reasons.

      1. Zip files are accessible on all platforms.
      2. They support AES-256 bit encryption.
      3. They support storing very large files.
      4. There are lots of tools and libraries that already work with zip files.
      5. If a user opens our zip files without nCryptedCloud they can see a "readme" file which states the file was encrypted with nCryptedCloud rather than just a random file extension with no identification of what happened to their file.

    I hope this give you a better understanding of our chose in file format.

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