How Do I Register And Sign Into Dropbox?

  1. Open Dropbox by double clicking the Dropbox icon in your menu bar
  2. A pop up window will appear-- select “I already have a Dropbox account”
  3. Sign in using the email and password you just set up, verify your computer name, and click Continue
  4. Choose your desired Dropbox Plan (2GB: free, 00gb $10/month; 200gb: $20/month) and click continue
  5. Choose Typical or Advanced Setup, then Click Install
  6. If you would like to Install Dropbox on your mobile phone, enter your mobile number and click Continue
  7. Continue through the Dropbox Tour and click Finish 

Now that you have registered for a Dropbox account and installed the software, you can now download and register for nCryptedCloud! 

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